Wicker Armoire for Your Home

Wicker Armoire features a crisp and clean design that will be sure to add a visual appeal and casual feel to your home. A Wicker Armoire comes in a wide range of styles, designs, and sizes to suit everyone’s needs for storage capabilities and décor. An armoire is a tall cupboard with shelving and usually doors that stands freely opposed to being built into the wall. Armoires are used for holding dishware, folded linens, and other items that are usually not left out in the open in the living room or bedrooms. A wicker armoire adds a clean style to one’s home décor, usually in the living room or bedroom areas.

White Wicker Armoire

Wicker is a weaving process of a hard wooden fiber and not an actual material. Wicker is often made of plant origin for natural wicker furniture, whereas plastic fibers can also be used for synthetic wicker furniture. Wicker armories can be either natural or synthetic and can include various woven fibers such as cane from rattan stalks, reed, or bamboo for the natural style. Synthetic wicker armories can be composed of paper-wrapped high tensile wire, plastic, or resin.

Most people buy wicker armoires for their home because it is a beautiful addition to any décor and the construction holds durability and long term beauty. Wicker is an Americana, country-style, chic décor while the armoire was found in early houses that lacked a built-in close for storing clothing, so an armoire could be found in most bedrooms as a supplement.

Wicker Armoire

While the term armoire traditionally relates to the tall cupboard for storing dishware, linens, or other such items, the word armoire is used interchangeably for entertainment stand to house a television or computer. Jewelry armoires are also popular but different from other types of armoire’s as they have a number of stacked drawers for storing jewelry and are not very large. Wicker varieties of entertainment armoires and jewelry armoires also exist but the traditional wicker armoire is still what people think of as that beautiful cupboard sitting in the bedroom.

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