Rustic Dining Room Colors

A few years ago rustic dining rooms were all about olive greens, ambers, and browns. This was very warm feeling but is a little bit dated now. The new rustic style is about substantial wood pieces with neutral colors that don’t make your room feel smaller.

Rustic Dining Room Colors

There is definitely a balance of wood tones. there is still a rare country room where there’s wood on beams, flooring, and furniture. Now for the most part it’s usually a combination of wood floors, white or gray washed furniture, and darker ceiling beams. If you want more of a cottage feel than the ceiling beams can be whitewashed as well.

The fabrics should be natural or rough textures. Ticking stripes bring in reds or blues but also neutrals which may compete too much with bright white tones. You’ll want a softer linen color as compared to a bright white.

There are still rustic stone fireplaces and this is the area with the most color to create a focal point. It’s an area that you can coordinate grays or taupes with. These are trendy and modern colors but you don’t necessarily think of them as being rustic. The furniture silhouettes should be enough of a statement that you can use more modern tones on the walls.

There aren’t a lot of accent colors in these rooms. They’re typically all white, taupe, and gray. This makes it easier to blend in with the rest of your home and it’s nice because then a piece of furniture that you spent a lot of money on like a farmhouse dining table.

The rustic style is inviting and welcoming. It’s perfect for a dining room because it’s a place where people want to gather.

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