Classy Basin Taps

If you are looking to change your old basin taps for new ones and don’t have the budget for a professional plumber then this guide is designed for you.

Basin Taps

Basin Taps
When changing old basin taps the first and most important thing to remember is turn off the water! You need to find the water inlet this can usually be located by finding the water feed outside your home. There should be a tap just inside the house where you are able to turn the water off. To check you have done this correctly start to run the cold water from your basin taps, let it run for a while to empty all the water from the pipes. Now you have successfully drained the cold water we need to do the same for the hot water.


The hot water is stored in a tank, in most homes this tank can be located in the loft. You will have to secure the ball cock so as it does not drop when the hot water is drained. A ball cock works in the same way with your toilet, when you flush your toilet the ball cock drops and so the toilet fills with water, when the ball cock is at 45 degrees it closes the hole and stops any more water coming into your toilet system. This is the same with your hot water tank. So you need to secure the ball cock at 45 degrees and then drain the tank. To drain the tank just turn on the hot water from your basin taps and wait for the flow of water to stop. Now you have successfully stopped any water coming from the cold and hot water feed.

Old Basin Taps

You can now remove your old basin taps and replace with new. Get yourself a good ratchet spanner and carefully unscrew the old basin taps. When you have removed the old basin taps you can now fit the new ones. Remember to release your ball cock for the hot water tank to refill and turn on the cold water feed. Well done! You have successfully replaced your basin taps.

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